Yangtze River Expedition, Three Gorges

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Thomas O'Keefe and Devin Smith completed their 280 km kayak journey in March of 2003. These are a few pictures and memories from our trip.

Map of the Middle Yangtze
Our Ferry
Traveling through Qutang Gorge
Devin assembles his kayak
Tom launches
Rock carvings in Yunyang
Fishing Boat
Devin packs his boat
Qutang Gorge
Whitewashed Wall
Qutang Gorge
Meeting folks on the river
Qutang Gorge
Sandy beaches
Fishing Boat
Yangtze shoreline
Washing Clothes
Wushan City
Wushan City
Arrival in Wushan
Boat on the Danning
Busted on the Danning
Dragon Gate Gorge, Danning River
Devin and ship
Kayaks from above
Wu Gorge
Master boat builder
Master boat builder
Tom and Devin with master builder
boat builder checks out our boats
Overcast weather
Devin in Xiling Gorge
Devin in Xiling
Xiling Gorge
The Dam
Tom and Devin

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